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A collection of Chicago photos taken around various parts of Chicago. A Chicago photo-blog with Chicago skyline pictures, and other Chicago neighborhood photos taken by Araceli Arroyo. Creative Commons License 
Saturday, October 30, 2004
Chicago Skyline on a Darkening Day

I have to find better yet take more pictures of the Chicago Skyline during sunset. This one was an old picture I found, hopefully I'll update it soon.
A Magnificent Mile Shop

Crate&Barrel is one of the many well recognized stores on the Magnificent Mile. Be careful shopping there though. I recall a time I went in and there was a table set up with glasses all stacked up in a pyramid. I almost broke them all! Good thing I caught the a base glass in time and avoided a MAJOR embarrassing moment.
The Magnificent Mile at Dusk

A typical Chicago tourist activity is to walk the magnifent mile (Michigan Avenue) and window shop, if you have the cash, even better. All along the mile-run avenue you'll find trendy shops and restaurants.
Looking Down From the John Hancock

Wow mommy look how high we are!
My newphew and the rest of the family admired the view from the observatory deck of the John Hancock.
Sears Tower
Straight ahead is a view of the Sears Tower from inside the John Hancock Building
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© 2004 Araceli Arroyo photograph | Chicago Photos
Admiring The Chicago Skyscrapers

I like the view of all the skyscrapers with the Sears Tower on the right from the John Hancock Observatory.
Sears Tower - Smoggy View
View From The Top

The cars look so small from here.
North Avenue Beach - John Hancock View
North Ave Beach

If you look closely that's the very famous Drake hotel down there.
Navy Pier - Sky View

I look of Navy Pier from the observery deck of the JH Building.
The John Hancock Tower

The John Hancock Tower - It's not the tallest buiding but close enough.
Fourth Presbyterian Church

Many thanks for the viewers of this blog and providing the name of the church in the background. The Fourth Presbyterian Church rests in the heart of the magnificent mile it's a beautiful landmark
Ahhh the ol' Water Tower
Chicago Street Performance

Is it a statue? Nope Mr. robot man deserves a tip in his box. During warm weather you may be lucky to come across these street performers especially near the Water Tower.
Tourist and shoppers along the sidewalk
A Distant View of the John Hancock Tower
Chicago Tribune store entrance
Home of the Chicago Tribune.<

A closer look at the Wringley Building entrance.
Michigan Avenue, looking towards the Wrigley Building
A look from below Michigan Avenue
Chicago Architectual Boat Tour

Down by the Wendella boat tour entrance on Michigan Avenue, you can closely see lower and upper Wacker Drive.
A Skyline shot from the steps of the Ferris Wheel
Neiman Marcus

Half a block from Water Tower - Neiman Marcus. I can't wait Christmas is coming soon again :)

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